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Kangana Ranaut On Bumping Into Karan Johar During Padma Awards Ceremony

A while ago, actress Kangana Ranaut marked her presence at the Times Now Summit and interacted with Navika Kumar. When Kangana was asked if she bumped into Karan Johar at the Padma Awards ceremony, she rather gave an interesting reply and said that the organisers made sure that the duo doesn't bump into each other.

She said, "Our ceremonies were at different times. I think they went out of their way to keep us on different timings...I tried to spot him around but he was not there."


It's know to all that Kangana and Karan do not see each other eye to eye. When asked if she would have spoken to Karan at the prestigious awards ceremony, Kangana said, "Of course. There can be conflicts, there can be disagreements but it does not mean you do not believe in coexistence. That is what I believe in, coexistence. I encourage the coexistence of all kinds."

She went on to add, "Some of the people who walked in and took their honour, made me feel so insignificant. Some of them were so simplistic and enormous in their presence. When they were introduced, I felt a sense of not being enough. Very rarely do I get that feeling. To witness such people taking their awards... I felt, am I good enough?"

During the same conversation, Kangana also spoke about her love life and admitted that there is someone special in her life, without revealing his identity. She also said that she wants to get married and have babies. "I see myself as a mother in five years, as a wife, and as someone who is actively participating in the vision of new India," asserted Kangana.


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